DD Harris Award


Nominate your teacher by 31st October 2017

 For further information and to nominate, click here (Written application on page 3 - Online application can be completed via the Google form link within this document)

Past recipients of the DD Harris Award:

1987: Mark Manuel, David Frith and Richard Geytenbeek

1988: Anne Field, Ken Bubner and Ian Collins

1989: Sue Walters, Yvonne Murtagh and David Frith

1990: Lesley Borman, Burt Jordan and David Jarman

1991/2: Lindsay Francis, Fran Slater, Jane Wilson and Roger Johnson

1993: Marie Quorn Smith, John Simpson and John Holgate

1994: Julian Cousins, Garry Warren and Angela Colliver

1995: Bronwyn Telfer and Robert Ford

1996: Kingsley Head, Brian Ferris and and Joan Worth

1997: Lindsay Holthouse, Ann Coats and John Campbell

1998: Jenny Stringer, Steven Muggleton and Malcolm Massie

1999: Tony Milgate

2000: Briar Newland

2001: Robert Shepherd, Neil Coffee and Malcolm McInerney

2002: David Butler, Sandy Stuart and Peter Melnyk

2003: David Pollitt, Scott Johnson and Tont Bartram

2004: John Risk and Paul Whillas

2005: Di Coady

2006: Michael Brennan and Geoff Bull

2007: Malcolm Massie and Fran Davies

2008: Rita Shepherd and Andrew Penny

2009: Greg Way

2010: Bruce Stopp

2013: Alexandra Piggott

2015: Deb Lasscock

2018: Marg Custance 

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