Goals of the GTASA

The aims of the Association are to:

-promote and support the teaching and study of geography in South Australia

-to provide an organization through which teachers of geography in South Australia may express opinions on geographical and educational matter

-to encourage and promote research in geography and geographical education.

These aims shall be fostered by:

-convening general and special meetings and conferences

-organizing workshops, excursions and other field activities

-publishing journals and other material concerned with geographical matters and with the teaching of geography

-collecting, circulating or giving notice of information of value or interest to teachers of geography

-sponsoring or assisting research projects in matters concerned with the teaching of geography

-cooperating with affiliated associations, with overseas organizations or teachers of geography, with other geography associations and with other associations of teachers within South Australia and Australia

-making submissions or recommendations to legislative, administrative or advisory commissions inquiring into matters of concern to the Association by such other means as the Executive Committee may from time to time decide upon, consistent with the aims and Rules of the Association.

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