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Photo Competition

GTASA is proud to announce the South Australian Geography Photo Competition. This competition allowed students in Years 7-9 to step outside and view South Australia through a geographical lens. It was a ready-made homework task for a Geography/HASS class and a chance to inspire engagement in Geography at schools across South Australia.Congratulations to all our finalist and to Charlotte Dahlenburg who took out first prize. See the gallery below! 

First Prize


Submitted by Charlotte Dahlenburg

I chose to capture people going for a walk in my photo. My image represents South Australia as a liveable state. I have shown my local area of Wynn Vale as a place where people can have a work-life balance and be able to go for a nice walk with beautiful scenery. My image also shows one side being a friendly neighbourhood and community and on the other side, a beautiful landscape with wildlife and a sunset view. My image shows how you can stay fit and healthy in your community throughout your day whilst still being in nature.

The gallery

Please click on the image, to see the full image. 

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