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Photo Competition

GTASA is proud to announce that the South Australian Geography Photo Competition 2023 is now open! This competition is an exciting opportunity for students in Years 7-9 to step outside and view South Australia through a geographical lens.

Recent global events have driven changes to the cost of living; migration patterns into and within our State; and to key industries such as wine and tourism. More locally bushfire recovery, river flooding, coastal erosion, subdivision and urban renewal projects are altering the shape and character of our landscapes. 


The theme of this year’s competition is “Changing Human and Physical Landscapes”.

South Australian Geography Photo Competition 2023.png


The competition is run by the Geography Teachers’ Association of South Australia (GTASA) and aims to encourage students in Years 7-9 to step outside, notice the area around them and photograph an aspect of Geography in South Australia.

Students submit one photo which they took themselves in South Australia, alongside a caption (max. 100 words) which describes the photo and its connection to the theme of the competition.


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