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GTASA Photo Comp Winner &Finalists

Winner - Isla S


This photo suits this year’s theme ‘Changing Human and Physical Landscapes’ because of the powerful message conveyed to people through an innocuous street artwork. This important message, ‘Climate action now’ tells us that we need to step up and reduce our impact towards climate change. The physical landscape around us is constantly changing, due to human-made impact. This photograph is appealing because the bold message is painted in black which contrasts with the white background. The rusting metal of the pole frames the artwork and has corroded over time due to human impact, adding an industrial feel to the photo.

Runner Up #1 - Charlotte D


I have taken a picture of the new housing developments in Mount Barker. My photo has the beautiful farmland on the bottom and has a brand new set of houses on the top which are encroaching on the stunning natural landscape. My photo fits the theme of 'Changing Human and Physical Landscapes' as it shows the human-made change that is occurring currently in Mount Barker. It shows what has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future as urbanisation begins to invade on land that has been around well before our time.

Runner Up #2 - Taranpreet G


This photo was taken at the creek at my school. This was taken on a beautiful day during my Visual and Media Art class while we were learning about "The Elements of Photography." I selected to photograph this image because it depicts a changing landscape because when it rains, the creek collects the water and it stays for around 2-4 days in the same location or else the water evaporates. Therefore I wanted to capture something unique like this. The contrast of the sun also shines through the grass and water here.

Other Entries

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