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Life Members

As with all associations their health today is the result of the hard work of members over many years.  The following individuals have been identified by the GTASA as members who have made an outstanding contribution to the association and deserve significant recognition and as result life membership of the GTASA.  In brackets after the life members name is the year they were awarded life membership.

1979 - 1992

Allan Simmonds (1979)

John Butler (1986)

Lindsay Francis (1986)

Barrie McElroy (1986)

Joy Dickson (1992)


Margaret Calder (1996)

Robert (Bob) Coggins (1996)

Neville Harris (1996)

David Jarman (1996)

\Chris Senior (1996)

John Sibly (1996)

Roger Smith (1996)

2002 - 2008

Rob Ford (2002)

Lindsay Holthouse (2002)

David Butler (2008)

Mark Manuel (2008)

2012 - present

Fran Slater (2012)

Malcolm McInerney (2012)

Rita Shepherd (2016)

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